Confessions of Celebrity Assistants
Posted on Sep 5th, 2006

 While "The Devil Wears Prada" revealed what life is like for one executive assistant in the fashion magazine business, "Confessions of Celebrity Assistants" turns the tables on some of Hollywood's most famous employers. We'll learn why celebs hire personal assistants in the first place, what's expected of a top-notch assistant, and what on earth an assistant has to do in order to have a phone thrown at them. With participation from a number of celebrities and their assistants, this all new special features: Usher and his bodyguard, Elijah Shaw; Lisa Rinna and her assistant, Ninie Papadatos; T.I. and his tour manager, Clay Evans; Carmen Electra and her stylist, Amanda Reno; Amber Valetta and her trainer, Michelle Lovett, and Black Eyed Peas member and his stylist, Lor-e Phillips.


Viewers will learn which celebrities have employed family members as assistants, publicists, etc... (Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell and Martin Lawrence, for example) and who hires longtime friends (Jessica Simpson). Who are the best celebs to work for? You'll find out right here, thanks to interviews with those in the know, including  Dionne Mahaffey-Muhammad, author of "Beyond the Red Carpet:  Keys to Becoming a Successful Personal Assistant."  She is also President of The CPAI Group, Inc (formerly Celebrity Personal Assistants, Inc); the industry's Staffing Agency to the Stars (tm)


About: Confessions of Celebrity Assistants

Nobody knows more about a celebrity than their assistant. In the world of a high-powered celebrity, the importance of having a great assistant is paramount. Having one that knows how to keep their mouth shut is even better, but that's not always the case. For a celebrity, an assistant is so much more than a secretary or scheduler -- he/she is a friend, confidante, bodyguard, nurse, chef and confessor. Now, some of Hollywood's overworked celebrity assistants come clean about life with their employers. Step inside the world of fame and take a look at celebrity life from a whole new point of view that is bound to have people talking.

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